Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Father's Day in the ER

"Happy Father's Day. Your son is in the hospital"
As usual, we ride the rollercoaster! When you have a kid with a disability, this kind of thing becomes the new normal.  Robbie didn't want to go to church that Sunday morning, and since he can't speak, he acted out instead. It's like a two year old throwing a tantrum, only he's a lot taller. I got a phone call after I got out of church myself that he was in the hospital.

Prepare yourselves if you're emotional (Moms!) because Robbie starts to cry in this one. I tear up every time I see it! LOL It's even harder to watch because he rarely ever cries. The last time I saw him cry was when he had a seizure and they took him to the ER, and when I got there I saw that they had him on a stretcher in the middle of the hallway and he was crying. He hates being in the hospital. Who doesn't?
The procedure when someone in a home has a behavioral incident is usually to admit them, for days, weeks, even months. I refused. I said "No" and told them to discharge him to me. He stayed home with me for two days.
Here is the first video on Father's Day. Episode 35
I took him home with me, and he was not happy to wake up there. He probably thought I was going to keep him in the house all day, and he wanted to go to his day program. We had a rough morning. But he went to his program and was much happier when he got home in the afternoon. That night I had to take him to one of his many specialists. We went to a Physiatrist for his feet.
Here is day one at home, episode 36
By the second day, I was starting to lose it. It really had nothing to do with Robbie. I was stressed out about work, the phone was ringing non-stop, and I was reaching my breaking point! But that night the Psychiatrist gave Robbie the OK to go back home, which made him very happy.
The next day we had an IDT meeting and I received really good news, which made Mom very happy!
Here's the one with the good news at the end. Episode 37

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